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2019 resolution CreArtPhoto

And so, another year passed by with good and bad things, with personal successes and disappointments, but all over a nice and productive year for photography. 

Although this year we were less outside, with the camera on our hands as we decided to focus more on our winter and fall photography trips and less on short escapes during weekend brakes, we were pleasantly surprised by the way our images evolved and along with that our photographic portfolio.

Looking back at the last 3 years, I realize that our photography journey was such an exciting one, allowing us to disconnect, to breath, to spend time in the middle of the nature and making us not only better photographers, but better people. 

But before giving you a hint on our plans for next year, let’s see what were the best images of 2018, or at least the ones that touched our heart.

We had 2 major photography trips this year, both in the North.


First trip was in Lofoten in February and I have to say: landscape was at it’s best at this time of the year

munte, veranda, vedere, linii, hamnoy, lofoten, norvegia, fotografie peisaj, fotografie calatorie, calatorie fotografica, CreArtPhoto

 so simple and yet so complex

luna, munte, spatiu negativ, ora albastra, iarna, alb, zapada, lofoten, norvegia, fotografie peisaj, fotografie calatorie, leknes, CreArtPhoto

full of balance and harmony

plaja, lofoten, norvegia, apus, culoare, cer, forme, fotografie peisaj, fotografie calatorie, CreArtPhoto
case, rasarit, lofoten, norvegia, vedere, apa, munti, reflexie, lumina, fotografie peisaj, fotografie calatorie, calatorie fotografica, CreArtPhoto
lac, inghetat, munte, apus, roz, eggum, rezervatie naturala, lofoten, norvegia, peisaj, fotograife, peisaj, fotografie calatorie, calatorie fotografica, CreArtPhoto
Găuri în gheață
reine, casute, pescaresc, munte, lumina, lofoten, norvegia, apa, mal, raze, fotografie peisaj, fotografie calatorie, calatorie fotografica, creartphoto
Cabine pescărești

after going in a trip like this, I can assure you will never be the same again

Luna, munte, pirctura, simetrie, lac, fiord, lofoten, norvegia, fotografie peisaj, fotografie calatorie, calatorie fotografica, CreArtPhoto


The second trip was in Scotland, in September, where we scouted the most well know photographic places just to discover a small photographic gem, Harris Island.

After traveling to Isle of Skye and Glencoe, both beautiful places but over photographed and over crowded, we arrived to this small island to never want to leave. 

râu - munti - umbre - natura - Harris- Scotia - Fotografie Peisaj - Fotografie Calatorie - Fotograf Peisaj - Calatorie Fotografica - CreArtPhoto - Scotland Photography Trip
Sfidând Munții
Pescar - Râu - Peisaj Scotian - Scotia - Natura - Virgin - Fotografie Peisaj - Fotografie Calatorie - Calatorie Fotografica - Sony A7R2 - CreArtPhoto - Scotland Photography Trip
Tipic Scoțian
Stufaris - Apus - Scotia - Peisaj - Natura - Salbatic - Fotografie Peisaj - Fotografie calatorie - Calatorie fotografica - Sony A7R3 - Zeiss - CreArtPhoto - Scotland Photography Trip
Pictat pe apă
Mal - Umbră - Reflux - Ocean - Harris - Scotia - Fotografie Peisaj - Fotografie calatorie - Calatorie Fotografica - lumina - neatins - Sony A7R3 - Zeiss - CreArtPhoto - Scotland Photography Trip

But if you get off the beaten path you can find untouched places also in Scotland main land

Oglinda - Peisaj - Reflexie - Culori - Scotia - Salbatic - fotografie peisaj - fotograife calatorie - Sony A7R3 - Zeiss - CreArtPhoto - Scotland Photography Trip - Scotland Photography Trip
Dimineață - Virgin - Natura - Scotia - Singur - Fotografie Peisaj - Fotografie Calatorie - Sony A7R3 - Zeiss Batis - CreArtPhoto - Scotland Photography Trip
Lumina dimineții

You can find all CreArtPhoto portfolio images from our trips in the North here.

Resolution 2019

For 2019 we want to see the same progress in our images as we did for 2018. Every time we take a look at our website portfolio and we decide to remove an image and to upload a new one to take it’s place, it is such a nice feeling. This shows that our new images are better and stronger than our past ones and this is what makes us keep shooting.

Our second goal, and the hardest one, is to print our portfolio and try to show it to people interested in art and maybe gallery openings. We would love to see our images on a white wall, although in Romania people are not so interested in art (or photography related art) in general.

And finally our last goal is to work more on street photography. We both love Asia and we enjoy so much our trips there. So, our goal is to put in more effort to document our experiences on this continent.

These are short  time goals but I will end with a long time goal that we always have in mind. Our goal for the next 5 years is to have, at some point in time, a year worth of photography. At this point this is just a dream, but who knows, it’s never a bad thing to keep dreaming.

What is your resolution for 2019? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

După mii de fotografii ratate și sute de momente minunate petrecute cu aparatul în mână, m-am hotărât să pun pe hârtie tot ce am învățat. O călătorie perpetuă în lumea fotografiei.

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