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About Us

CreArtPhoto is the result of the work of two photographers that got their hands on a camera and ever since, never stopped shooting.

I was always drawn by the creative side of life, I loved literature as child, and photography is my gateway to a different way of seeing things.

Ionut is the problem solver, he likes technology and adding all the pieces of the puzzle together. For him, photography is his creative side, his eyes on the world.

At first, we juggled between most of the photographic genres, but we stuck to 2: landscape and street photography. Our landscape photography interest comes from our attachment to nature, being in quiet, lonely places and the interesting Asian culture generated our street photography portfolio.

We both love traveling. We first started doing photography while we were traveling, now we return to the same places over and over again for photography, to always find something new.

Our aim in this journey is just one: to someday learn to hear our own voice.

This website, together with all the information you will find within it, were specifically tailored by us, to offer you a nice experience while losing yourself in the world of photography.