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Lewis and Harris 2021

6 free spots

Where: Isle of Lewis and Harris, Scotland, UK

When: 9-16 October 2021

What: Photography workshop

Level: Any

Small group photography workshop focused on improving your visual, artistic and post production skills. You will learn theoretical compositional concepts that will then be implemented in practice and finally polished with post production mentoring.

  • Small group of maximum 6 people
  • Focused daily learning: composition & post processing
  • Unique photos in pristine places

The Isle of Lewis and Harris is one of the hidden gems of Scotland. Although the area is pretty small and compact, it is diverse: pristine beaches, hilly insights cut by crystalline rivers, rocks emerging from the land and sea. The beauty of the place is that you can feel all on your own even while photographing as a group.

Due to the diversity of the island you can work on simplifying your images using negative space, light, color and tone.

What is included


4 nights on Lewis & 3 nights on Harris - Twin room occupancy


Glasgow airport & between shooting locations

Ferry crossing

Round trip ferry crossing


Half-board (dinner without drinks)

What is not included

Plane ticket

To and from Glasgow

Travel insurance


Extra meals

Meals and drinks other than the ones included

Tour Highlights

We will be spending 4 nights on Lewis and 3 nights on Harris to avoid unnecessary time spent between shooting locations. The main photography spots that we aim to visit are:


  • Calanais Standing Stones
  • Stac a’ Phris Arch
  • Traigh Mhòr Beach
  • Garry Beach
  • Mangersta Sea Stacks


  • Sgarasta Mhòr Beach
  • Bagh Steinigidh Beach
  • Seilebost Beach
  • Luskentyre Beach

Tour languages are English and Romanian.


Fitness level

  • This trip requires moderate physical level. You should be able to walk up to 20 minutes on a hilly or rocky terrain with your backpack and tripod.


The weather in Scotland is quite unpredictable with a lot of showers followed by rainbows. You need to have with you:

  • Waterproof jacket with hood
  • Down Jacket
  • 3 seasons hiking shoes
  • Mid-layer jacket
  • Base layer blouse and leggings
  • Hood and gloves
  • Headlamp
  • Water bottle

Photographic equipment

  • Photography camera
  • Lenses
  • Remote control
  • ND Filters
  • Spare batteries
  • Tripod

Accommodation and meals


  • Accommodation 3 and 2 stars hotels – twin rooms
  • Continental buffet breakfast and Scottish full breakfast cooked to order
  • Dinner 3 courses A la carte (without drinks)

Not included

  • Lunch – we will be stopping at supermarkets where you can stock up with sandwiches and snacks for when we will be on the field photographing.
  • Drinks – please bring a reusable water bottle from home, tap water is really good in the Scotland Highlands. There are plenty of opportunities to fill our bottles while also taking care of the environment by not throwing away supermarket plastic bottles.

Terms and Conditions


You need to have a full travel insurance to cover for your trip cancellation (for reasons that do not involve the organizer of the workshop), activities involved and destination. The insurance has to include medical costs and repatriation.

At least 4 weeks before the start date of the workshop all participants must send to CreArtPhoto a copy of their insurance. Otherwise, CreArtPhoto reserves the right to refuse your participation to the workshop.


To secure your place, a 30% deposit will be requested at the time of booking. The deposit is nonrefundable, as CreArtPhoto has to pay 3rd party suppliers (hotel, car) in advance to organize the workshop in your behalf.

You must pay the rest of the balance, 70% of the total price, 3 months before the workshop start date. If the payment is not made in full up to the above mentioned due date, we reserve the right to consider your booking cancelled and your place vacant.

If your booking is made within 3 months before the workshop start date, the payment has to be made in full at the time of booking.

In case the booking is being canceled by you, the following penalties will apply:

  • The deposit is nonrefundable, unless a replacement is being found
  • 50% of the total price of the workshop if the booking cancellation is made 3 months before the start date
  • 100% of the total price of the workshop if the booking cancellation is made within 2 months before the start date

You need to announce the booking cancellation in writing, using the contact email address that was provided by CreArtPhoto. The date of the email received will be used to calculate the penalties that apply following your cancellation.

If the booking is canceled by the organizer, all fees paid by the participant will be fully returned.  The cancellation will be announced at least 2 months in advance.

In case of force majeure – severe weather conditions, natural disasters, other unforeseeable events – CreArtPhoto is exonerated of all responsibility. No promise of refunds will be given for services that were not accessed as a result of force majeure. We will though, try to recover some of the costs from our suppliers in an effort to repay you a part of the booking price.

CreArtPhoto reserves the right to change the tour itinerary due to altered circumstances and conditions. We will make alternative arrangements as required but no refunds will be given for services that are not utilized as a result.

Major GBP fluctuations due to unforeseen events outside CreArtPhoto control, will be reflected in the cost of the workshop.

Due to unpredictable weather conditions, ferry crossing timetable might change/cancel without prior notification. In such situation, on the spot accommodation will be booked and the cost is not included in the price of the workshop.

Flights and plane tickets

The cost of the plane tickets is not included in the price of the workshop. You will be exclusively responsible to book your flight to and from the destination, to handle flight delays, reschedules & cancels.

Personal liability

CreArtPhoto is not responsible for accidents, injury, lack of fitness, carelessness, illness, negligence or lack of punctuality attributable to the customer. If you have any disability or illness, you must inform us at the time of booking the holiday so advice can be given on the suitability of the trip. Due to the adventurous nature of the workshops, all customers must at all times agree to comply with the decisions taken by the tour organizer. Personal items and baggage remain at all times your responsibility. We do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage of valuables, including camera equipment, during a workshop.

CreArtPhoto may decide during the workshop the exclusion from the group of any participant that is becoming rude or aggressive and that endangers the safety of the others. In this case the booking fee of the excluded participant will not be returned.

Drones are prohibited from all tours and workshops. Please do not bring a drone with you at the workshop as we feel they are intrusive to everyone else’s workshop or tour experience.

You must have the right equipment for the areas where we would be traveling to. We will send you clear communication regarding the equipment (photographic and hiking) that you will be needing during the workshop.

Protection of personal data

Your data will only be used to process orders, process refunds, and provide information about products and about our events. We will not ask for or keep information about participants unless agreed by both parties.

By completing the registration form for any of the workshops included in this website, you are acknowledging and accepting the details for each workshop and the terms and conditions above.

Why are we different

Unlike other photo tours, this is a photography workshop focused on improving your skills and learning basic elements of composition. 2 professional photographers, with more than 10 years experience in landscape photography, will teach you photography – our workshop is designed for you to acquire photography knowledge, besides field experience. We will have daily compositional topics of discussion that will be applied on location, along with post processing tips, photo reviews and feedback for your work. You will participate in 1 on 1 and group mentoring session, aiming to improve yourself and increase your confidence in your skills.


  • Light and color
  • Contrast and tone
  • Line and form
  • Positive and negative space
  • Texture and pattern

Post processing

  • Photography critique
  • Group mentoring

On location 0

Theory 0

Mentoring 0

Post Processing 0

What will you learn

We strongly believe that good imagery starts with good composition painted on top with perfect light and color. While classic rules of photography (rule of thirds, golden ratios, leading lines, framing, etc.) are a good starting point, we feel that you can reach next level by using more abstract compositional ideas like light and color, line and form, positive and negative space, contrast and tone.

During this workshop you will learn to simplify your way of viewing into a unified, harmonious whole with the purpose of leading the viewers eyes trough your photograph and keeping them there until they see the message you intend to convey.

This is not an easy task, but with careful placement of compositional elements, you will be closer to achieving perfect composition with every image you make.

  • Pricing
  • €2300
    • small group of 6 participants
    • 2 mentors
    • 1 on 1 mentorship
    • skill improvement
    • breakfast and dinner included

30% deposit – nonrefundable, unless a replacement is being found

due amount to be payed 3 months prior departure

payed amounts refundable if replacement participant is found

major GBP currency fluctuations will be reflected in final price

Due to unpredictable weather conditions, ferry crossing timetable might change/cancel without prior notification. In such situation, on the spot accommodation will be booked and the cost is not included in the price of the workshop.